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Bath "Greenfire" №2113

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Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
city Dnipro
p. Obukhovka, per. Nekrasov, 12
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Greenfire Bathhouse, located in a picturesque forest, is a perfect combination of natural beauty and comfort. This secluded paradise offers guests not only the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Russian wood-fired sauna, but also to spend time outdoors surrounded by green nature. Rest here promises not only health-improving procedures, but also a complete immersion in the atmosphere of tranquility and peace.

The capacity of the bathhouse is designed for 8 people, which makes it an ideal place for family vacations, as well as for celebrations or events. Inside the bathhouse, guests will find a rest room where they can relax after bathing. In addition, amenities such as audio equipment to create the right atmosphere and a TV for entertainment are provided. For those who love outdoor activities, there is a separate area with a barbecue, and all necessary utensils are available.

Directly by the bathhouse is a picturesque river, adding to the pleasures of the steam room procedure is the opportunity to refresh in natural water. For those who prefer a more relaxing vacation, there is a hydromassage available, which will help to relax and regenerate. In winter after the steam room you can enjoy hot drinks in the rest room, and in summer you can sunbathe on the beach. Bathhouse "Greenfire" offers its guests not only privacy and tranquility, but also all the conditions for a full and comfortable vacation. Here everyone will find something for themselves, whether it is relaxation in the steam room, active recreation in nature, or just an opportunity to get away from the daily hustle and bustle.

Wood bath

to 8 people

Font, Hydromassage, Access to the lake / river

Terrace, Forest, River, Beach



Administrator, Grill, Hotel, Drinking water, Restroom, Dishes

Saunas accessories

Brooms, Sheets, Caps, Slippers, Towels, Bathrobe

Audio equipment, WIFI


Black tea, Herbal tea, Coffee

Bath "Greenfire"
Bath "Greenfire"
Bath "Greenfire"


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