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Gogolevskiye bani №1904

  • Working hours:
  • Mon: around the clock
  • Tue: around the clock
  • Wed: around the clock
  • Thu: around the clock
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  • Sat: around the clock
  • Sun: around the clock
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
city Dnipro
ul. Dolgaya balka, 29
Fine 4.8
Based on 8 reviews

Gogol Baths, hidden in the heart of the city, offer an unusual retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This is a place where the walls speak old stories, and every stone exhales the warmth of centuries-old traditions. In these baths, steam does not just embrace the body, it penetrates into the very soul, freeing you from stress and fatigue.

Spacious steam room with wooden interior and impressive thermometer above the stone stove turns the process of steaming into an art. Here every breath is soaked with natural aromas of fragrant brooms, and every breath brings a sense of renewal.

In Gogolevsky baths you can spend a perfect time with friends or family, immersing yourself in the atmosphere of communication and comfort. The sounds of pleasant conversation mix with the sounds of splashing water, creating a harmony in which all problems seem unimportant. Here time stops, leaving room only for relaxation and friendly fun.

Gogolevskiye bani
Gogolevskiye bani

Reviews (8)

Nice place, I recommend it

Вова Вовк
Вова Вовк
18 February 2022 pm28 21:21
You could say that baths and saunas are more than just fun - they're a fancy way to relax and get healthy! Also, a city center sauna that either everyone or at least half the people in the city know about must be pretty good!

Sergey Kapinus
Sergey Kapinus
11 February 2022 am28 00:46
It's really peaceful, just like home. Thanks.

Alex *
Alex *
10 February 2022 pm28 23:00
Wood-fired sauna is cool

Trubilov Oleksiy
Trubilov Oleksiy
28 January 2022 pm31 20:30
Nice bathhouse, we had a great time.

Артур Бурчак
Артур Бурчак
26 December 2021 pm31 12:43
Відмінне місце для невибагливих клієнтів.
Є басейн.

Василь Коломієць
Василь Коломієць
11 June 2021 pm30 16:21
Шикарная баня на дровах. Есть место приготовить шашлыки в беседке.

Игорь Филиппов
Игорь Филиппов
19 May 2021 am31 07:24
Шикарная банька)

Богдан Тоцкий
Богдан Тоцкий
7 March 2021 pm31 14:00