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Sauna "Venetsiya" №1900

  • Working hours:
  • Mon: around the clock
  • Tue: around the clock
  • Wed: around the clock
  • Thu: around the clock
  • Fri: around the clock
  • Sat: around the clock
  • Sun: around the clock
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
city Dnipro
pr. Sergeya Nigoyana, 94
Fine 4.2
Based on 5 reviews

Sauna "Venice" is a true embodiment of comfort and elegance. It is like a magnificent Venetian painting that has come to life in the heart of the city. From the first sight captivates its excellent interior, in which stylish luxury harmoniously combines with functionality. The purest steam that fills the space seems to embrace the body with a soft veil of comfort, lifting the mood and refreshing the soul.

It is wonderful to spend time in "Venice" with friends or family. A wide choice of bath procedures will give everyone an unforgettable experience, opening new horizons of relaxation and recovery. Spacious rooms, comfortable beds and excellent service create an atmosphere of home comfort and warmth.

Sauna "Venice" is not just a place for steaming, it is a whole philosophy of comfort and health care, an island of tranquility in the hustle and bustle of the day, where everyone can relax body and soul.

Sauna "Venetsiya"
Sauna "Venetsiya"

Reviews (5)

Понравилось, чисто уютно , в парной не жарко, можно было бы температуру добавить.

Руслана Довгань
Руслана Довгань
5 December 2021 pm31 16:50
Всё отлично, спасибо

Лера Плющенко
Лера Плющенко
15 October 2021 pm31 21:18
Очень уютно, красиво, не дорого! Рекомендую!

Юлия Голота
Юлия Голота
15 March 2021 pm31 13:30
Не советую.

Михаил Жицкий
Михаил Жицкий
23 February 2021 pm28 13:10
Очень хорошо ???

Александр Пыхненко
Александр Пыхненко
23 January 2021 pm31 20:50