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Sauna "Akvamarin" №1127

from 700 UAH
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  • Working hours:
  • Mon: around the clock
  • Tue: around the clock
  • Wed: around the clock
  • Thu: around the clock
  • Fri: around the clock
  • Sat: around the clock
  • Sun: around the clock
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
city Dnipro
district Shevchenkivskyi
pr. Bogdana Khmel'nitskogo, 108
Accept Visa/MasterCard
Great 5
Based on 3 reviews

Russian bath, Finish sauna

to 10 people

Swimming Pool, Shower

Administrator, Bar, Restroom

Saunas accessories

Brooms, Sheets, Caps, Slippers, Towels, Bathrobe

WIFI, Satellite TV


Black tea, Green tea, Coffee

1 hour 700 UAH
The minimum visit time is 2 hours, the price is per hour.
1 hour 700 UAH
600 UAH on weekdays.
Weekends and holidays 600 UAH per hour.
The minimum time is 2 hours. By appointment
Sauna "Akvamarin"
Sauna "Akvamarin"
Sauna "Akvamarin"
Sauna "Akvamarin"
Sauna "Akvamarin"
Sauna "Akvamarin"
Sauna "Akvamarin"
Sauna "Akvamarin"
Sauna "Akvamarin"
Sauna "Akvamarin"

Promotions and discounts

Ahead of the New Year holidays, please yourself and your loved ones!!!! By purchasing a gift certificate for 100,200 or 500 UAH, you can visit a cozy sauna, relax and retire with your soulmate in the relaxation room, swim in the pool and just sit with friends in a warm atmosphere. The price of a gift certificate for 100 UAH is 20 UAH, for 200 - 40 UAH, for 500 - 60 UAH. All remaining questions by phone.

Reviews (3)

Aquamarine Sauna was very pleasant for me and my friends. I celebrated my birthday in it, everything was wonderful. The steam room is gorgeous, the pool is clean and big. The hall is large, capacious, for a large company. Everywhere clean and neat. The administrator is polite and attentive.
I recommend this sauna Aquamarine for a great vacation and recovery!

30 August 2021 pm31 17:50
Excellent complex, very satisfied!!! Clean and cozy, spacious rooms, beautiful interior, nice steam room, and in addition to it, there was a small pool! Between steam rooms perfectly sat at the table with the whole company (all that we wanted to bring with us). There are cool separate rest rooms, well, in short, everything you need and for every taste!) So we had a great time, it was comfortable, cozy and literally to home! We will go again and recommend to everyone!

6 June 2021 pm30 14:44
28 февраля пришли в эту сауну первый раз. У кума была днюха и решил сделать ему такой подарок, поход в сауну. Не ощибся. Сауну заказали с 21-00до23-00. Время провели отлично, всем всё понравилось, и даже пришлось продлить время. Сауна отличная, басейн чистый с проточной водой, отличная подача пара в парилке. Администратор была Ольга, очень вежливая. Одним словом,, РЕКОМЕНДУЮ,,

1 March 2021 pm31 19:49