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Sauna, bathhouse "on Pitstop" №2108

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Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
city Kamianske
prosp. Himnazychnyy, 73
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In the heart of Pitstop is a unique sauna that promises true pleasure and comfort for body and soul. This oasis of relaxation, which can accommodate up to 10 people, will be the perfect place to relax in the fall and winter days, when it is so important to warm up and get away from the daily hustle and bustle. Finnish sauna in Pitstop is not just a sauna, but an entire philosophy of comfort and pleasure, where every detail has been thought out for your maximum relaxation.

Not only classic steam room is offered to the visitors. At your disposal are cozy towels that provide additional comfort and a modern shower to feel fresh after steam sessions. Spend time in the relaxing atmosphere of the relaxation room, where you can enjoy a conversation with friends or simply immerse yourself in your thoughts. And the waterfall bucket will add spice to the experience and help you cool down quickly after a hot sauna.

For those who prefer to combine relaxation with comfort, hotel services are available, making Pitstop the perfect place for an extended vacation. Don't deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying the warmth and comfort of our sauna, especially during the cold season. Wi-Fi connection and satellite TV will provide you with access to your favorite entertainment while relaxing. And the administrator of the bathhouse is always ready to help with any question. Don't forget about our assortment of drinks: aromatic coffee and a variety of green teas will complete your feeling of complete satisfaction and comfort. Enjoy every moment at Pitstop, where your relaxation is our concern.

Finish sauna

to 10 people

Shower, Bucket Waterfall


Private with video surveillance

Administrator, Hotel, Restroom

Saunas accessories


WIFI, Satellite TV


Can bring with you


Black tea, Green tea, Coffee

Sauna, bathhouse "on Pitstop"
Sauna, bathhouse "on Pitstop"
Sauna, bathhouse "on Pitstop"


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