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Sauna "Selʹvamar" №1905

  • Working hours:
  • Mon: around the clock
  • Tue: around the clock
  • Wed: around the clock
  • Thu: around the clock
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Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
city Dnipro
ul. Kombriga Petrova, 5
Сносно 3.2
Based on 5 reviews

Selvamar Sauna is a corner of luxury and comfort, ideal for relaxation with friends or family. It will turn your pastime into a real journey into the world of relaxation and health. The main accent is a spacious steam room, where you can feel the power of real steam, which opens pores, removes toxins and returns energy. A wonderful pool with crystal clear water gives a refreshing dip after a hot steam. Comfortable sofas in the lounge area offer comfort for conversations, and a variety of board games will not let you get bored. Splendid kitchen of "Selvamar" will complement the evening with exquisite dishes. Staying here is not just a visit to the sauna, it is the art of relaxation!

Sauna "Selʹvamar"
Sauna "Selʹvamar"
Sauna "Selʹvamar"

Reviews (5)

Can't get through

Stanislav Onishchenko
Stanislav Onishchenko
12 February 2022 pm28 15:23
I've tried calling for two days straight with no luck. Either the phone gets disconnected or no one answers. Are you guys even open?

Юлия Брудзинская
Юлия Брудзинская
1 February 2022 am28 11:15


Yes, we are.

Google Maps
Google Maps Sauna Administrator
1 February 2022 pm28 12:23
The person who greeted us was really nice and chill, which made me feel good.

The place itself is great, it's warm, comfy, and really roomy. The sauna works well, the pool is enjoyable, and there's a big table with comfy benches.

What we didn't like:

1) There was no music, even though there were speakers installed. Having a standard TV on the M1 would've been better. However, the manager did provide us with a small speaker, which helped a bit.

2) One of the pockets on the pool table is ripped, causing the ball to just drop onto the floor when it's hit into it. The pocket is currently just patched up with a bag. When we mentioned it to the manager, he said he was aware of it but didn't do anything else.

Just a suggestion for the owners:

Considering it's the 21st century, consider installing a big TV and setting up karaoke. This could also help to boost your profits a little.

Максим Телоницкий
Максим Телоницкий
30 November 2021 pm30 19:40


Thanks for the feedback. You were truthful in your comments. We work on fixing our flaws. What matters in the bath is the comfort and the relaxing atmosphere, not music or TV. It's not a party place or a karaoke bar. Please visit, we'd be happy to have you.

Google Maps
Google Maps Sauna Administrator
30 November 2021 pm30 22:36
Это прекрасное место! День рождения прошёл на ура. Просто гигантский мангал возле двери. Большой бассейн со ступеньками. Температура воды 21 градус. В парилку поместилось 6 человек. Много места для больших компаний. Все компактно, все рядом, но при этом было очень просторно. Мужчина, который нас встречал, очень был доброжелателен. Обязательно вернемся сюда ещё!

Анна Заврайская
Анна Заврайская
9 February 2021 am28 11:58


Благодарим за отзыв. Всегда рады Вас обслужить.

Google Maps
Google Maps Sauna Administrator
20 February 2021 pm28 17:39
Уютно и комфортно.

Вячеслав Вячеслав
Вячеслав Вячеслав
8 January 2021 pm31 23:04