Public Bathhouse: Benefits and Advantages

Most people perceive the expression “public bathhouse” as something not very pleasant. Usually, people imagine pictures of a not too clean and sterile room, where a crowd of half-naked people washing themselves with copper basins in their hands.

In fact, such public bathhouses became a thing of the past. Today, these facilities are not inferior to modern saunas, which can simultaneously fit a limited number of visitors. The only difference is the size of the room.

Such facilities are very popular, and every day many fans of bath procedures visit them. Not everyone has a company willing to go to the steam-room. However, the public bathhouses are always open to visitors.

The services provided by these facilities are striking in their diversity: here, you can visit Hammam and the Russian bathhouse, warm up in the infrared sauna and plunge into the pool with hydro massage and Jacuzzi, rinse in the showers and relax on the comfortable trestle beds. The facilities maintain constant cleanliness and order, and designed up to the state of the art.

Employees of public saunas will fulfill all the customer wishes: here you can use the services of a massage therapist or a bath attendant with a broom. Public bathhouses are also distinguished by male and female days. In addition, they offer visitors the family days when bathhouses are open for couples.

Public bathhouses are best known for their high quality services. Each visitor can use a separate locker to leave its personal belongings without worrying about their safety during bath procedures. Most facilities offer their customers disposable slippers, towels, a set of sheets and linen, and some even a bathrobe and a pareo.

Public bathhouse is a great place to relax, as well as meet new, interesting people.

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