Sex in the Sauna – Good or Bad?

Many people like to sit in the bath with a glass of alcoholic drink. Such rest is often associated with warm company, beautiful smiles, music and, of course, women. Thrill-seekers purposefully practice visiting the bathhouse for the purpose of sexual and erotic entertainment. They know that sex and a bath are very compatible things. Moreover, hot steam, birch broom and beer with fish evoke seductive ideas. And the pleasant must always be combined with the useful. Sex in the bath sounds tempting, but perhaps not every person knows about all the positive and negative aspects of this activity.

Why is it necessary to have sex in the bath?

Sex in the Sauna

The art of seduction is most effectively manifested in the bathhouse, when, after steaming, all the nerve endings on the skin become very sensitive to caresses, and visiting the steam room makes a person's head very light and plague. This promotes mutual emancipation. It is at this point that the brains allow the body to do what it wants. Agree that such an aura can be achieved, perhaps, only with a large dose of alcohol. In the bath, you can achieve similar relaxation and liberation without serious harm to the body.

Second point. You don't have to undress each other in the bathhouse, since everyone does all this personally. If we talk about women, then some people like to flirtatiously cover themselves with a towel or sheet. But this is not such a significant obstacle, since, if desired, this can be removed with one movement of the hand.

The third moment. In the bath, a person feels free and immeasurable. Therefore, you cannot keep track of how you drink a couple of extra glasses of vodka, brandy or a few bottles of beer and, it would seem, in this state, sex in the bathhouse can fail. However, the heat of the steam room with sweat quickly removes alcohol, and in just half an hour you will be sober again like a cucumber. And this will allow you to control the process of pleasure with each other.

What is the danger of having sex in the bath?

What is the danger of having sex in the bath?

High ambient temperatures are stressful for the body. Especially for the cardiovascular system. And during intimacy, this load increases by an order of magnitude. That is fraught with pressure surges, fainting and heart attacks. Therefore, it is not recommended for people with heart disease to have sex in the sauna. There were also cases when lovers were so carried away by each other that they did not notice how they found themselves near a red-hot stove or a barrel of boiling water. The consequences were not pleasant. In addition, on a wet floor, there is a serious danger of slipping in a fit of passion, which is fraught with bruises and fractures.

As for the postures, it is desirable that the woman be on top, it will be safer. It is advisable not to touch the surrounding objects with your hands, they can be hot. In the sauna, you can try many classic and extreme poses. This already depends on the fantasy and desire of the partners. 

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