Losing Weight in the Sauna: Why is It Impossible, and Sometimes Even Dangerous?

For some people, bath procedures are not only healing and renewal of the body. They are also considered as a weight loss aid. Objections and discussions about these claims have not subsided. But how to understand as accurately as possible for yourself: are there any prospects in terms of weight loss, if you make it a rule to visit the steam room regularly?

So why is the emphasis on the sauna?

The thing is that when the body warms up, a natural process occurs - active sweating. This can lead to a barely noticeable decrease in total body weight, but it is achieved not at all due to the breakdown of fatty deposits, but due to the loss of fluid by the body, i.e. banal dehydration. Moreover, there can be no breakdown of fats, because there is simply no active physical activity during bath procedures.

Losing Weight in the Sauna

Therefore, there is no need to delude yourself that in the steam room you can get rid of perennial fat deposits in no time. Well, ordinary air temperature (albeit elevated) cannot break down fat. This can only be done by a person's own metabolism. If everything were so simple, obese people probably would not exist in hot countries. But, alas, they are.

In order for relaxation in the sauna to lead to a fat-burning effect, you will have to work hard there, and physically. But sports in the steam room is categorically contraindicated. And that's why. The maximum elevated temperatures (up to +100 degrees) are in themselves an overload for the body. Therefore, in such conditions, he is engaged in a kind of self-rescue, trying to protect organs and systems from overheating, and blood from coagulation (clotting).

Adding some kind of activity to such a critical state, the body can give a specific failure. By the way, the heart will take the brunt of it, because normal blood circulation is immediately disrupted. Not everyone knows that the heart muscle adjusts the force of distillation of blood to a certain temperature regime (in parallel, assessing whether the body needs to cool down at the moment or, conversely, it needs to warm up). Excess energy consumption will provoke additional heat, which can lead to very serious consequences.

Therefore, we can conclude: it is impossible to achieve dizzying weight loss just lying in the sauna. Unfortunately, this is an illusion. 

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