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Sauna on the wood on the "ul. Kholodil'naya, 2 A" №1879

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Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
city Dnipro
ul. Kholodil'naya, 2 A
Fine 4.3
Based on 3 reviews

Drowning in the shade of green trees, the bathhouse on Kholodilnaya Street, 2 A is a place where time stands still and cares disappear together with the steam. It seems that the walls of this corner are cozily made of pine logs, and their resin-soaked smell merges with the aroma of smoldering birch wood. In this bathhouse one can feel the extraordinary harmony of nature and man.

The very process of steaming here turns into a unique ritual. Under the sound of fire crackling in the stove, sparks gently embrace the stones, giving them warmth. Steam rising from them fills the space, enveloping guests in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

The bathhouse on Kholodilnaya Street, 2 A becomes an ideal location for those who are looking for a way to relax in the warm company of friends or loved ones. Here, to the accompaniment of ancient banya stories, you can sweat, relax, and then plunge headfirst into the cool pool. This is a place where communication, relaxation and coziness are the most important things.

Sauna on the wood on the "ul. Kholodil'naya, 2 A"

Reviews (3)

Чтоб хорошо попариться, вполне подходящий вариант

Тимур Кузьмин
Тимур Кузьмин
3 February 2022 am28 11:35
Не подходящее место для отдыха в бане.Нет комфорта.Много шума .

Валерия Зайцева
Валерия Зайцева
28 September 2021 am30 09:25
Одна из лучших бань в городе. Рекомендую.

Юлия Веган
Юлия Веган
25 March 2021 pm31 19:50