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Сomplex "Zolotaya Podkova" №655

  • Working hours:
  • Mon: around the clock
  • Tue: around the clock
  • Wed: around the clock
  • Thu: around the clock
  • Fri: around the clock
  • Sat: around the clock
  • Sun: around the clock
Volyn Oblast
Kivertsovskiy district
village Dachne
ul. Ivana Franka, 53 E
Fine 4.7
Based on 11 reviews

Russian bath, Wood bath, Roman thermae

to 10 people

Swimming Pool, Shower


Private with video surveillance

Restaurant, Banquet hall, Grill

Dance floor, WIFI, Satellite TV


Ukrainian food, Homemade food, European food, Dishes on the grill, Barbecue


Black tea, Herbal tea

Сomplex "Zolotaya Podkova"
Сomplex "Zolotaya Podkova"
Сomplex "Zolotaya Podkova"

Reviews (11)

Everything was awesome! They gave us a place to stay and food to eat!

Павел Комаров
Павел Комаров
21 November 2021 pm30 15:42
It's a beautiful place. And not expensive.

Арсен Калоян
Арсен Калоян
16 August 2021 pm31 22:32

Piotrek Perec
Piotrek Perec
31 July 2021 am31 07:27
Equestrian club

Рома Кичук
Рома Кичук
15 July 2021 pm31 23:26
I enjoyed it and it looked just like the pictures. I was really happy with the kitchen. The only thing it needs is air conditioning.

Галина Гринів
Галина Гринів
12 July 2021 am31 10:13
Good staff, nice area...

Катя Хома
Катя Хома
1 July 2021 pm31 22:28
Очень классно. Не роскошное, но чистое. Было очень приятно завтракать на террасе в этом комплексе. Еда простая, но очень вкусная. А хозяева такие дружелюбные и милые. Спасибо за это. Я снял одну звезду, потому что для меня местоположение было немного неудобным. Тем не менее, однозначно рекомендую.

Volker Haug
Volker Haug
18 June 2021 pm30 19:55
The place is easy to get to and it has a big, private space. The rooms are neat and comfy. The food is tasty. Everything is done quickly and well. The staff is great - they're nice and do their jobs well. I suggest others to check this place out. You won't be disappointed if you do.

Максим Закаблуковський
Максим Закаблуковський
23 May 2021 am31 10:29
The room is clean, the food is delicious.

Роман Комарницкий
Роман Комарницкий
14 May 2021 am31 10:06
Раз на рік зупиняємось тут. Чудовий заклад, де можна заночувати, поїсти та попаритися у баньці. Рекомендую!

Константин Копейка
Константин Копейка
7 March 2021 am31 11:20
Чудове місто.

Long Ride
Long Ride
31 January 2021 pm31 16:17