Aromatherapy in Sauna

The beneficial properties of essential oils have been known for centuries. And probably everyone knows that the hot atmosphere of a steam bath increases their potential in several times. However, the ill-considered use of essential oils can lead to rather disastrous consequences. They should be used in compliance with certain rules, based on the properties of these aromatic substances.

Essential oils are used for anointment, applications and body wraps. They are included in many massage creams and aromatic baths. If you decide to use aromatic essential oils in the sauna, you have to examine all its properties beforehand and get acquainted with the rules of use of this substance in the sauna and bath-house.

Each annotation to essential oils contains information about their allowed dosage. This recommendation is mandatory when using the oil, even if you think that its amount is too small for a full aromatherapy session.

Before using it, you must read carefully about its side effects. Otherwise, you will get the results quite opposite to those you have dreamed of.

Even if you are fully confident that the use of oil will not bring unpleasant surprises, it is better to secure yourself and to conduct a sensitivity test when you still at home. This will allow you to get pleasure in the sauna instead of swellings, rash and other "surprises".

The first two aromatherapy sessions should not last more than five minutes. Later, the time can be increased, but not very much. Extreme caution should be taken in the use of essential oils by pregnant women and children. After aromatherapy it is necessary to refrain from alcohol and smoking for at least 2-3 hours.

If you doubt that you will be able to use essential oil correctly, then look for a sauna or a bath-house employing a skilled bath attendant. He or she will certainly not make a mistake in choosing the right essential oil and will do everything so the sauna provides you only the most pleasant memories.

You will get real pleasure if you visit Kyiv saunas with aromatherapy

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