Broom Effect in the Russian Bath

Baths of different countries have their own distinctive features. The effect of many baths is based on the beneficial effects of hot water vapor, as well as in the Russian bath. The traditional symbol of the Russian bath can be assuredly called a broom that can bring a considerable bit of benefit.

Birch broom helps with joint and muscle pain after excessive exercise, and infusion after brewing can be used to strengthen the hair and get rid of dandruff. Maple leaves and aspen shoots contain substances that accelerate the regeneration of the skin, so these brooms are appropriate for skin problems treatment. In addition, they have a tonic effect.

People with problem and oily skin will find a cure in the application of oak broom. In addition, they can relieve stress, forget about insomnia and relax.

Coniferous broom (firry or juniper branches) increases sweating and normalizes blood circulation not only in the skin and muscles, but also in the internal organs due to the reflex action of coniferous needles. Sciatica, low back pain, pain of any etiology not resist coniferous "massage therapist".

Since ancient times, linden broth was used in kidney and lung diseases, high temperature. Broom of lime branches has a diaphoretic and diuretic effect, stimulates the kidneys, cures colds, skin problems, migraines, insomnia.

Brewing a rowan broom is advisable before lunch, as it has an obvious invigorating effect, normalizes brain activity, stimulates efficiency.

For colds and sore throats, an eucalyptus broom will help you, in the bath it is applied to the face and the outgoing steam is breathed for several minutes.

Bird cherry tree broom has a similar effect, healing even an advanced stage of flu. Allergy sufferers are recommended to use the viburnum brooms.

Ash broom has anti-inflammatory, hemostatic and healing properties, so it treats rheumatism, radiculitis and arthritis that occur in the body due to inflammatory and infectious processes.

Any broom has a soft, gentle massage effect, accelerating blood circulation and lymph outflow from organs and tissues, improving metabolism and causing the release of sweat, detoxifying that heals and rejuvenates the body, helps in the fight against the worst enemy of modern beauties – cellulite. So take a steam bath in good health!