Phyto Barrel at Home

What could be better than a comfortable rest in your own home sauna? Unfortunately, few modern apartments have enough space to install it. In addition, infrared sauna requires considerable financial investments.

However, there is a way out in any situation. As an alternative solution to real sauna, the wooden phyto barrels made of cedar are used today. Such equipment has many advantages. Phyto barrels are safe and compact, able to decorate the interior of any room and bring many positive emotions. The unusual design and abundance of the advantages of this unique equipment almost instantly attracted the attention of true sauna and bathhouse fans.

The benefits of procedures taken in wooden barrels are indisputable. The fumes of cedar essential oils and hot steam have the most beneficial effect on the human body. These procedures promote better blood circulation, charge up with vivacity and good mood, clean the pores, fight cellulite, and remove toxins and excess fluid.

Today there are many shapes and sizes of this wonderful device. Phyto barrels are prefabricated and non-separable. They can be decorated in accordance with personal tastes and preferences, painted in different colors or have mosaic finishing.

There is only one essential “shortcoming” of the miracle barrels. The space of such a steam room does not allow you sitting inside with a friendly, cheerful company – it can fit only one person. However, it is not such a problem. Friends can sit near the barrel-sauna and spend time in a fun conversation, waiting for their turn to experience all the positive features of this unique smart human creation.

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