Visiting Bathhouse with Baby in Tummy

Since ancient times, many nations have used the heat of bathhouse not only for vigor and good mood, but also for healing. Today, Russian bathhouse, Turkish bathhouse and Finnish sauna are especially popular. The beneficial effects of dry and wet heat, steam, hot and cool water, if used properly, will help a woman to remain slim and full of strength.

There is a popular belief that a pregnant woman should not visit the bathhouse. This is not true. Pregnant woman should not visit the bathhouse, if she has burdened history of pregnancy, for example, pelvic presentation, uterus tone or the risk of premature birth, or the woman has health problems in which bathing is prohibited. There are a lot of them. These include heart diseases, lung diseases and vascular diseases. You cannot visit the bathhouse in case of cancer, open form of tuberculosis, thrombophlebitis, mastopathy, ocular hypotension, epilepsy, as well as any viral infections in the acute phase. It should be remembered that the hammam has a sparing effect, and the only contraindication to visit hammam is acute inflammatory skin diseases.

Bathhouses have a beneficial effect on the pregnant woman. Bathhouse visit improves blood supply in the whole body. Therefore, it is a good prevention of stretch marks that occur during pregnancy. More oxygen is supplied to the uterus and other organs, which is an excellent prevention of fetal hypoxia.

Decreased blood flow to the brain relieves emotional activity, causing neurological symptoms to resolve. All this in complex removes fatigue of the body and has a calming effect, reduces stress. Bathhouse exerts a very positive effect on the body of the future mother and baby.

The human body is prone to excessive sweating in the bathhouse, which cleanses the skin and removes toxins from the body. This is an excellent prevention of edema and preeclampsia in pregnant woman.

In addition, you can try to "intercept" infectious diseases (acute respiratory infections or flu) and help the pregnant woman's body to cope with them, if you visit the bathhouse at the first symptoms of the disease. Heat and contrast cooling exposure improves blood flow and activate the body against bacteria. It is also good to visit bathhouse during the recovery period after an illness in order to speed it up.

To obtain positive result, a woman should, firstly, decide on the type of bathhouse that will be most comfortable for her. It is worth remembering that the Finnish sauna is the hottest and driest one. Turkish hammam provides for 100% humidity and the temperature of 45 degrees. This kind of bathhouse is filled with clubs of fragrant mist. The temperature in the Russian bathhouse is maintained at 70 degrees, and the humidity is approximately 80%.

Regardless of the choice of bathhouse, woman should follow the established rules, for example, always cover her head and listen to the sensations of her body and movements of the baby inside. Only then will the bathhouse have a positive effect on the health of both the mother and her unborn child.

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