Kiev Saunas for Slim & Beautiful Legs!

All the females tend to put themselves in order with the first rays of the sun: lose a few extra pounds, tighten their waists, and each wants to address its issue in her own way. Some rush to the gym for performing exhausting physical exercises, some starts experimenting with own body experiencing various diets, more sophisticated women start overpaying a lot of money for magical procedures that will help them lose few kilograms, release from a terrible word “celluilitis” and tighten their skin.

Each women is right that all these procedures are effective and help achieving the goals set, but they all forget about one, proven and very effective way – visiting saunas in Kyiv.

Hot steam allows skin pores to open and remove the accumulated liquid, toxins and excreting, literally helps to burn unwanted fat deposits. A visit to sauna can be combined with different types of massage and wraps, various cleansing procedures and masks application.

Regular visits in combination with exercise and gentle diets helps to achieve incredible results. You can also order various types of massage: with aroma oils, creams and scrubs, using a bath broom. Below are some examples of effective masks that remove excess fat and the “orange peel”:

  1. Prepare fresh grape juice, mix it with honey and crushed oak flakes. This mixture provides a dual effect: scrub and mask. Apply on a steam-treated skin, washing away; the body must be intensely massaged.
  2. One bunch of parsley chopped and combined with honey, rubbed into all places that require care, leave for 10-15 minutes.

If you have no time and desire to tinker at preparations of various magic potions, then there are many saunas ready to offer various SPA procedures in a big city like Kyiv.

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