Phyto-barrel (Cedar Barrel) will Successfully Replace any Bathhouse

The beneficial effects of bath procedures on the human body are well known. Sauna, Russian bathhouse, Roman bathhouse have become an integral part of the cleansing and healthful complex for many people seeking a healthy lifestyle. The emerging concept of phytosteam therapy is inextricably associated with the mini-sauna. It is also called phyto-barrel. What is this know-how?

The principle of phyto-barrel, its advantages over conventional bathhouse

The basis of the mini-sauna is a cedar barrel with a height of up to one and a half meters and approximately the same diameter for conveniently fitting a person inside, except for his head. Two small doors designed in the lower and upper half of the sidewall to exit and enter the inner space of the barrel. The doors are tightly closed during a session of phyto-steam therapy, namely, wrapping and saturating the human body inside the phyto-barrel with herbal steam. In addition, the natural material of the barrel is cedar, which when warming up, exudes a pleasant spicy aroma.

The released beneficial phytoncides of cedar and herbs protect the body from pathogenic viruses and strengthen human immunity. In the barrel, the body warms up when exposed to steam, pores open, causing profuse sweating. This in turn leads to the purification of the body from toxins, carcinogens and heavy metals.

The advantage of the phyto-barrels over conventional bathhouses is that this procedure is easier because the head is not exposed to steam and high temperatures. This sauna does not take much space, time; it can be used by people of any age, as well as with cardiovascular system disorders.

The results of phyto-barrel session

The effect of penetrating warm steam, saturated with herbal ingredients, helps to expand and cleanse the pores of the skin, activates blood circulation. In combination with peeling, which uses a normal massage glove or a sponge, the top layer of dead skin cells is easily removed.

In addition to good cleansing from harmful toxins, the body recovers followed by strengthening the cardiovascular system. In muscular fatigue, phyto-barrels play a rehabilitative role. In addition, the mini-sauna procedure is an excellent prevention of colds, strengthens the immune system. Finally, weight loss, which is  important for many people, getting rid of cellulite is possible due to the phyto-barrel.

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