How to Steam in the Bath?

Most people who decide to visit a bathhouse do not even suspect how important it is to properly prepare for such an event, and it is so necessary to follow all the rules during the procedure. After all, this is not only a place to relax, but, subject to all the rules, a great way to strengthen physical and spiritual health.

How to prepare for a trip to the steam room? The right trip to the bath begins with a thorough preparation of your own body and the necessary accessories. Do not forget that visiting the bathhouse is, first of all, a load on the cardiovascular system and can be facilitated by following a few simple rules:

  • it is not recommended to take food an hour and a half before the procedure, but you can’t go hungry either;
  • it is strictly forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages;
  • it is better not to visit the steam room after a hard day's work or heavy physical exertion;
  • it is not recommended to visit the bathhouse in a bad mood;
  • It is also better not to bathe alone.

When collecting, do not forget to bring a towel, a bathrobe or a sheet, a bath cap for the head (it will help to avoid overheating and keep your hair in good condition), rubber slippers, a washcloth (preferably natural) or hard gloves. Accessories such as a wooden tub with a scoop and bath brooms should be present directly in the steam room. It is important that the steam room is clean and well ventilated.

How to bathe in the bath? Before starting the procedure, it is better to take a warm shower, but without soap. When taking a shower with soap, you wipe off the protective layer from the skin. It is necessary to bathe with breaks for rest, making several visits. The number of visits depends on your experience, as well as the stamina of the body.

If you are a beginner, you need to start with one call lasting three to five minutes. For staying indoors it is better to choose the lower shelf, where the temperature will be the safest. It is preferable to lie during the procedure, so the same temperature will affect the body and the load on the heart will not increase. Indeed, the temperature above is 10 - 20 ° C higher. More experienced lovers can take a couple of five or seven visits. Following the rules of the bath, the rest time should be no less than the amount of time spent in the steam room.

Already during the second visit, you can start to steam with a broom. It can be oak, birch, eucalyptus, juniper, coniferous or made from nettle. Some bath attendants combine several plants in one. Each of the species is good for human health. For example, an oak broom helps lower blood pressure and helps with skin problems. You can also cleanse the skin with a broom from a linden; in addition, its use helps to prevent colds and overcome headaches. Needles have disinfecting properties. Massage with a broom is also necessary following certain rules. You can start by injecting warm air. Then we press the broom to the body, starting from the feet and gradually rising to the shoulders. Only then can we start whipping. After the massage, it is better to lie down for some more time, you can not get up sharply.

After completing the bath procedures, it is useful to drink juice or herbal tea. You can also apply a body cleansing mask and take a shower.

In general, when visiting a steam room, it is worth adhering to the principles of gradualness and moderation. Do not forget how to properly steam in the bath, and listen to the reaction of your body so that going to the steam room leaves only positive memories.

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