Useful Properties of the Bath for the Skin

A visit to the bath has a positive effect on the entire human body. First of all, it is very useful for the skin, because at first it reacts to elevated temperature and humidity. A regular visit to the steam room can replace your visit to a beautician.

What is the use of the bath for the skin?

  1. Due to the increased secretion of sweat, the cover is cleansed and gets rid of dead cells.
  2. Alternating high and low temperatures has a positive effect on blood circulation.
  3. Due to increased blood circulation, the metabolic process also improves.
  4. Contributes to the fight against acne and blackheads.
  5. Has a therapeutic effect, is useful in the fight against skin diseases (psoriasis, urticaria, eczema, ichthyosis, atopic dermatitis and others).

The most pronounced benefits of the sauna for the face. To get the maximum effect from the effect of the bath on the skin, you need to pay attention to the type of skin and the type of steam room that you should visit. After all, the result of exposure to a Russian bath, sauna, hamam will be different.

Universal in this regard, the Turkish bath. Relatively low air temperature and high humidity is suitable for any skin type. Also in the hamam there are favorable conditions for cleansing with the help of enzymatic peeling.

If you have dry skin, you need to be careful with visiting the sauna. Steam room is contraindicated for people with sensitive skin and suffering from rosacea. For protection, a water-based gel can be applied before a visit.

Using a Russian bath will be more useful with a moderate approach. If the temperature contrast is too large, the vessels may not withstand, which threatens the appearance of rosacea. You also need to be careful for people with a sensitive type. The use of essential oils (dilute a few drops with water and pour on a stove) or the water in which the brooms were steamed will make the steam more healing. During the second or third call it is recommended to take a steam bath with a bath broom, which also has a beneficial effect on the skin condition: birch has a calming effect, and oak will give elasticity. In general, the soaring procedure with a broom enhances blood flow, speeds up metabolism, and helps cleanse pores.

To make your skin feel as comfortable as possible in the bath, it must be prepared for the process. First you need to take a shower. For the face, you can use an ordinary gel for washing, which helps to cleanse, or resort to masks and scrubs. For example, for oily skin, use a mask that includes salt, coffee and honey. Coffee and salt perfectly tone and cleanse, and honey promotes regeneration. Dry skin is best moisturized with special products. To protect before staying in the sauna, you can use lip balm. In the break between calls it is better not to resort to the use of masks, this will not bring any benefit. After completing the soaring session, it is also necessary to rinse, apply a moisturizing mask, and for the body, you can apply heated oil (for example, almond or olive).

We can conclude that regular visits to the steam room are the key to health and beauty. This also applies to human skin in the first place. Proper use of cosmetics will make the procedure not only useful, but also enjoyable.

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