Constructing a Camp Sauna in Half an Hour

Anticipation of outdoor recreation in a friendly company can be a little bit spoiled by the fact that because of it we have to cancel enjoying traditional sauna. To avoid this, you can use one simple advice and build a sauna tent right in the open country.

For faster construction of a camp sauna, you have to bring supports for frame, stove, tent material, and some other items. Nowadays you can buy a lot of ready-made designs of camp saunas, which when assembled look like ordinary tents. They look attractive, and you can assemble them in just half an hour. Moreover, taking a steam-bath in your hand-made sauna tent will leave warm memories.

Naturally, its construction should take place at the camping site, which should be located near any source of water, because without it you will unlikely get proper washing and steaming. The ideal location to rest is a bank of the river or lake, in which you will comfortably cool off after taking your steam bath.

The stove in the camp sauna can be made of stones collected around the camping site. At the same time, it should be remembered that only large homogeneous round boulders will be of use because they are capable of keeping accumulated heat for a long time. If you cannot find such stones in your area, you can use pebbles as well. For each bath taking you will need about a bucket of stones.

You may use as supports strong sticks or young trees you may chop up in the vicinity. Supports should be carefully fastened together, which requires a certain wit and skill from the "builders" of a camp sauna. Covering material (a piece of tarpaulin or polyethylene) should be prepared in advance, as in the vicinity you will hardly find anything suitable.

Your camping sauna is ready, and the tradition procedures of its taking do not differ from visiting a regular sauna.