Why Do I Need a Pool in the Sauna?

Sauna is great for getting rid of accumulated fatigue and negativity. High temperature warms the body properly, relaxes, speeds up the metabolism, improves blood circulation, cleanses and tones the skin. But for the healing effect, the temperature is not high enough. It is thanks to the contrast that you can strengthen the immune system, improve the work of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. To ensure different temperatures, you can use the shower or the pool. The second option, of course, is preferable, as it allows not only to plunge into the water properly, but also to relax and swim. You may meet or you can make at home a pool of various shapes, from different materials.

Depends on shape, the most common are:

  • Round.
  • Rectangular.

But, if you want something extraordinary, modern technologies allows you to choose any shape.

Options for materials needed to create a pool:

  • Concrete base - will serve for a long time.
  • Polymer - characterized by water resistance.
  • Concrete base with polymer coating - tolerates sharp changes in temperature.

The pool can be located both - indoors (it can be a basement or the first floor) and outside (close to the house, so that they immediately plunge into cool water or a little further). Depending on the functions of the pool, its size will also vary. The pool, which is located in the house and is intended exclusively for cooling after the sauna, will be much smaller than the pool that you want to use for swimming. If children will use it, you need to pay attention to a safe depth, for babies up to 5 years old - no more than 50 cm, 5 - 12 years old - 80 cm, for seniors and adults - 140 cm.

Why Do I Need a Pool in the Sauna?

The pool in the sauna will bring much more benefit from the procedure and can be used as a therapeutic tool. For example, with diseases of the respiratory tract. During a stay in a room with a high temperature, the bronchi expand, and breathing becomes slower and deeper. After immersion in water, breathing quickens. Thus, the respiratory system is trained. In the future, this will help to avoid various colds. Also indications for visiting the sauna with the pool are laryngitis, sinusitis, chronic bronchitis. But you should be careful when using the sauna for people with chronic diseases, and before visiting it is better to consult a doctor.

This combination is also suitable for people with nervous disorders, as it relaxes the muscles and body as a whole, and then calms the nervous system. Another plus is the cosmetic effect. Contrast treatments have a positive effect on the skin and with regular visits can replace a trip to the beauty salon. For a better result, you can use aromatic oils.

Pool in the Sauna

The swimming pool necessity in the bath is also fully justified. Firstly, in this way it is possible to make up for the lack of a natural water source, which is traditionally dipped after the steam room. Secondly, for less seasoned people, a sharp cooling in a pond, on the street, in the cold season, can be not only not useful, but also dangerous to health. In such cases, a pool located in a room with warmer water is great. Thirdly, this is not only a way to cool, but also the ability to use additional features. For example, hydromassage - treatment due to the targeted air-water flow. It is used to treat problems with the musculoskeletal system, improve metabolism, with diseases of the peripheral nervous system, and with some diseases of the internal organs.

Therefore, the pool is an integral component of the steam room. Depending on various factors, the appearance and location of the pool may vary. When choosing a sauna with a pool, be sure to pay attention to its safety if you intend to go there with children. Water procedures after steaming not only have a positive effect on the whole body, but also, when used correctly, have healing properties.

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